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Junji Ito to get TV production of Uzumaki

Manga artist and comic writer Junji Ito will be getting a TV version of the highly rated Uzumaki comic.¬†Adult swim Toonami, a Cartoon Network program, will produce a miniseries of the popular Ito story. Vulture reports that the adaptation will be directed by Hiroshi… Continue Reading “Junji Ito to get TV production of Uzumaki”

5 Junji Ito Comics to Keep You Up at Night

I have yet to find something as repugnant, grotesque, and, ghastly as anything I’ve read by Junji Ito. His comics are a collage of visual fears warped with a sick and twisted taste of horror that you’d only see in your worst nightmares. But… Continue Reading “5 Junji Ito Comics to Keep You Up at Night”