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New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film in the works

Hollywood is gearing up to resurrect an ongoing film franchise that is undeniably one of the best cult classics in horror. Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be getting a new installment. Bloody Disgusting reports that Frede Álvarez will be producing the film. Alvarez has handled… Continue Reading “New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film in the works”

Sleep Away Camp, Revenge of B-Horror Classics

Oh sweet sweet nights of sitting down with dad in the living room watching stupid movies. Most importantly, in the crispness of fall on a rainy night, let’s cozy up with a blanket and some popcorn to watch the best but worst horror movies… Continue Reading “Sleep Away Camp, Revenge of B-Horror Classics”

I went to Ma’s house one weekend [SPOILERS]

Late last month, Ma made its debut in theaters. Octavia Spencer starred in her first leading role in a horror movie. Spencer premiered in Rob Zombie’s 2009 film, Halloween II as a night nurse turned scream queen prior to taking on more serious roles in horror films.… Continue Reading “I went to Ma’s house one weekend [SPOILERS]”

11 Horror Movies Coming Out in 2019

I’m always down for horror movies, new or old. That’s why this blog exists. As much as I like some of last year’s debuts and the occasional classic, I’d still very much like to see the film reel keep turning. I’ve been upset as… Continue Reading “11 Horror Movies Coming Out in 2019”

Sometimes, The Original is Better

First, I just wanna emphasize, it is in no way shape or form fair to say that I’m a Stephen King fan. Although, his plots are absolutely fantastic. What really gets to me is probably the fact that he puts too much fluff in… Continue Reading “Sometimes, The Original is Better”