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Junji Ito to get TV production of Uzumaki

Manga artist and comic writer Junji Ito will be getting a TV version of the highly rated Uzumaki comic. Adult swim Toonami, a Cartoon Network program, will produce a miniseries of the popular Ito story. Vulture reports that the adaptation will be directed by Hiroshi… Continue Reading “Junji Ito to get TV production of Uzumaki”

New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film in the works

Hollywood is gearing up to resurrect an ongoing film franchise that is undeniably one of the best cult classics in horror. Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be getting a new installment. Bloody Disgusting reports that Frede Álvarez will be producing the film. Alvarez has handled… Continue Reading “New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film in the works”

Shocktoberfest: Pennsylvania’s biggest Halloween scream event

  Sinking Spring is a little town in Berks County with a population of around 4,000 people. Like most Berks County towns, it sits surrounded by vast farmland, trotting horses, and simple Amish Folk. In almost every corner of Berks, you can find a… Continue Reading “Shocktoberfest: Pennsylvania’s biggest Halloween scream event”